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2008 Toyota Corolla S
Media: AM/FM Radio Tuner, Cruise Control, Media: Compact Disc Player, Drive: Front Wheel Drive, Power: Locks, Door(s): Four, Fog Lights, Seat(s):

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Used Cars in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Used Cars Sherwood Park

Used cars or new cars?

First, a new car may come with design problems or manufacturing defects; meanwhile, a well maintained used car may have been already repaired.

Second, buying a used car can save you a lot of money. A new car depreciates rapidly in the first few years and may worth only about 50-70% of the original price after 3 years.

Third, some used cars last longer and safer than before.

Finally, you could buy fully loaded used cars that you might not be able to afford before.

Advantages of Dealership Financing

Most consumers need financing or leasing to obtain vehicles. Dealership financing is the most common type of new and used car financing. Dealership financing offers:

  • Convenience - Buyers can find vehicles and financing in one place.
  • Multiple Financing Options - Dealerships work with many banks and finance companies together to offer a wide range of financing options.
  • Special Programs - Dealerships may offer low-rate car loan programs to buyers.
  • Bad or No Credit - Dealerships may offer no credit and bad credit car loans
  • Bankruptcy - Dealerships may offer bankruptcy car loans when your traditional lender rejects your application

Interest Rate of Vehicle Financing

You always want the lowest interest rate possible when financing a vehicle. Your credit rating is only one of many factors in getting a low interest rate on a car loan. Some other factors include:

  • Whether the car you want is new or used
  • The amount of your down payment
  • The length of your loan

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Online Used Car Financing

Overtime Auto Approval offers a secure online credit application which is fast and easy to complete. Therefore, you can get a car loan to finance your purchase without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Also, you can refinance a car loan in order to get lower monthly payments and sometimes may reduce the length of your loan.

Having poor or no credit does not block you from getting new or used cars. Our experts will work with you together to ensure that you will always get a good deal. And, the entire process is fast, simple, and secured.

Helping People in all Regions, Northern and Southern, Alberta     (780) 964-7342